skuteczna ochrona samochodu

PPF protective films - effective protection against scratches, stones, stains
and minor damage

A new leader in the relevant industry

We have directly developed/manufactured the relevant products based on the actual experiences for about 20 years so far. Initially, starting from the simple production by following the major brands, as time passed, we gradually started doing OEM & ODM of other brands. Based on the accumulated experiential know-how, we tried new attempts and challenges rather than feeling satisfied with the reality, which was led to the birth of a brand ‘Clif Designs’. Just as we have done so far, we will be attempting new challenges rather than feeling satisfied with the reality, and we will be also working hard to make our standard become the new standard of the relevant market.

World-class professional styling and protection solutions

See our short film presenting Clif Designs

Thanks to our many years of experience and expertise, Clif Designs will perfectly protect your car with protective films. Check out various installation examples and find the right product that meets your expectations.