PPF protective films

We are a distributor of the best PPF protective and transparencies films on the UK market. We provide the best Auto Detailing Studios with varnish protection films.
If you want to join the group of the best Auto Detailing Studios and offer your customers the best – be sure to contact us!
Our protective and transparencies foils are distinguished by very high gloss and clean clarity, and their excellent self-regenerating properties allow the scratches to disappear even with ordinary microfiber without having to heat the element.

See how our protective films work

In this video you will find out why you should choose our PPF protective films.

PPF protective films - advantages


TPU premium class


highest gloss and clarity


Unique versions PPF


surprising self-regenerating effect


very high strength of products


great hydrophobic


10 years warranty

Bet on knowledge and experience

As a ClifDesigns distributor, we personally run a detailing studio, as a result of which we have always focused on professional products. When testing products from ClifDesigns, we suggested not only our knowledge and experience, but also the opinion of professionals applying PPF in the most exclusive studios in UK. Thanks to these activities, ClifDesigns caused a lot of confusion on the English market and set new standards for „Paint Protection Film”