Matt Pearl PPF protective foil

The pearl mat caused quite a stir in the market. Until now, none of the car manufacturers has created a varnish containing both mat and pearl.
Matt Pearl is an alternative for people who want to stand out. On the one hand a beautiful matte finish, on the other noticeable metallic grains.
As in the case of the colorless Matt PPF and Black Matt PPF, it uses Premium TPU with indisputable softness. The TPU in question is thermoplastic polyurethane, also used in our top Prima-K. series. What’s more, it has all the same properties as standard PPF, i.e. resistance to damage, yellowing, resistance to car chemistry, hydrophobicity and most importantly – the effect of self-regeneration.

After applying Matt Pearl PPF, the varnish color retains its original color, providing a matte finish with metallic grain.

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MATT PEARL benefits

Premium Class Soffer TPU (Thermoplastic PolyUrethane) increases product longevity

highest gloss and clarity

surprising self-healing effect

Hydrophobic (Advanced water repelling properties)

Warrantied for 10 Years

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